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Sauce Bars


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  • Easy to use and 100% natural, the sauce bars are the perfect ''shortcut'' to succeed in only 20 minutes with world cuisine recipes for for 4 people!


    ✔️Delicious and varied
    ✔️Fast (20 min.) and easy
    ✔️Healthy and natural

    3 easy steps to make your favorite dish 🔥

    1. Fry your ingredients.
    2. Add the sauce bar to cook.
    Melt it with 2 cups of water for a sauce dish or 4 cups for a soup meal.
    You can also use another liquid depending on the recipe, coconut milk, cream.
    . simmer 20 minutes and you're done!

    We use only natural ingredients:

    ✅ Cocoa butter
    ✅ Organic vegetable powders
    ✅ Organic spices

    A product without :

    ❌ Yeast
    ❌ Added sugar
    ❌ Flavour enhancer
    ❌ Preservative
    ❌ Artificial flavour or colouring

    This is a vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free product.

    Made in Quebec | 30g. | Tax free product

  • Moroccan : Cocoa butter, tomato*, parsley*, onion*, garlic*, salt, paprika*, cumin*, coriander*, turmeric*, cayenne pepper
    , soy lecithin, lemon essential oil.
    Contains: Soy *Organic ingredients

    Spanish: Cocoa butter, tomato*, red pepper*, onion*, garlic*, salt, soy lecithin, saffron.
    Contains: Soy *Organic ingredients

    Mediterranean: Cocoa butter, tomato*, basil*, onion*, thyme*, salt, garlic*, soy lecithin.
    Contains: Soy *Organic ingredients

    Indian: Cocoa butter, tomato*, curry* (turmeric, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, fenugreek, onion,
    black pepper, cloves, nutmeg), onion*, garlic*, cumin*, salt, ginger*, cayenne*, soy lecithin,
    coriander*, turmeric*
    Contains: Soy *Organic ingredients

    Tex-Mex : Cocoa butter, tomato*, chili* (paprika, coriander, cumin, garlic, red beet, oregano, chili,
    salt), onion*, garlic*, salt, soy lecithin.
    Contains: Soy *Organic ingredients

  • The NEW "shortcut" to success in all your world cuisine recipes. A sauce bar made with organic cocoa butter, vegetables and spices!

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