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BLACK FRIDAY: FREE popcorn with each order + Orders shipped within 24h! 📦

Benzo - Moisturizer little kids & mom


naturel composition biologiquevegan

  • Description
  • Ingredients
  • Cabbage bamboo
  • Baby & mom moisturizer is used as a moisturizing and nourishing treatment. Designed for baby's fragile skin, it is also very useful in preventive and curative care of stretch marks since it contains vegetable oils with nourishing and healing properties as well as flower extracts which promote collagen production.

    Made in Quebec | 120 mL.

  • Water, chamomile hydrosol *, calendula macerate *, fractionated coconut oil *, chamomile macerate *, vegetable glycerin *, vegetable emulsifying wax *, géogard ultra (natural preservative), vitamin e *, oil essential of officinal lavender *

    * Ingredients from organic farming

  • It was in 2014 that the idea of ​​creating natural skincare products began to germinate in the mind of Kim Pellerin, owner of Kundalini Biosoins. Thanks to her esthetician at the time, she had the opportunity to see a big difference in effectiveness between a line of herbal products used for her salon treatments and that of a classic product found at the pharmacy. It just goes to show that the power of plants combined with know-how can make it possible to create products that are as natural as they are effective. An entrepreneur at heart, she co-owned a café when she realized that there was a fine line between baking and cosmetic production. After all, baking a cake or a soap is nothing less than chemistry. The trigger was in 2016, when she was becoming a mom for the first time. The products received as gifts from her relatives did not give the expected results, she decided to start making her own care products for babies and mothers. Encouraged by the mothers around her who recommended her products, she slowly decided to launch the Bambou’Chou range. It was not until 2019, after giving birth to 2 children, that the official launch of Bambou d ́Chou took place.

    His recipe? We don't skimp on effective ingredients. It is with pride that she displays the list of ingredients on her products. They are organic, quality and local. Its partnerships with local suppliers allow it to attest to the quality of its products, encourage the local economy and share its passion with other entrepreneurs. Some more sensitive products are even produced in the laboratory to be vacuum-brewed, thus extending their life expectancy while reducing the use of preservatives.