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BLACK FRIDAY: FREE popcorn with each order + Orders shipped within 24h! 📦

Exfoliating Butter - Velvet


naturel vegan

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  • Our velvet exfoliating butter is like a dessert for the skin so much that its texture is airy, not too abrasive, and it leaves a soft silky finish on the skin after the exfoliation is complete.

    So you can overdo it in the shower by massaging each part of your body with it, as well as your face. you just have to take the quantity you want in the palm of your hand (or on the tip of a finger). Thanks to its composition made from organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, dried hibiscus flowers, rose flower petals, organic ground coffee and cane sugar, the abrasive feel of the exfoliating is soothing and pleasant. It is not rough and it leaves the skin feeling very soft once it is rid of dead skin. Our velvet exfoliating butter also provides increased hydration and leaves skin feeling really beautiful in just a few uses. You can use it every three days or as you wish when you see that your skin is peeling.

    With a thin layer of said butter, you should quietly massage each part of the body as well as the face for up to three minutes. The butter melts quickly on contact with the skin while the oils penetrate the epidermis as the exfoliation takes place thanks to the coffee beans, dried flowers and cane sugar. Once the exfoliation is complete, just rinse everything to remove all organic residue and voila, a new skin is revealed.

    Our promise:
    - gently removes impurities
    - helps restore healthy hydration
    - gently exfoliates the skin

    Organic shea butter, organic coconut oil *, dried hibiscus flowers, organic ground coffee, cold-pressed jojoba oil, dried rose petals, arrowroot powder, cane sugar, syrup organic coconut flowers, essential oil of jasmine, natural fragrance of strawberry and willow extract.

    * on the label, it says pure aloe vera gel. but, we replaced this ingredient with organic coconut oil after the label was printed. as we want zero waste as much as possible, we will redo the label when the first impression is exhausted.

    Made in Quebec | 150g.

  • Jojoba oil hydrates. nourishes, protects, regulates sebum production and preserves the skin from aging. it is also excellent for remedying chapped lips. Jojoba oil can also be used at all ages on the skin and on the hair.

    The hibiscus flower contains sugars which have an instant moisturizing action on the epidermis. rich in vitamin c and polyphenols, hibiscus has antioxidant qualities. an asset which is enviable to him and which allows him to ensure the protection of the cells of the epidermis. applied to the skin, hibiscus helps eliminate dead skin, often the cause of a dull complexion, and promotes better elasticity of the skin.

  • June Cosmetics offers natural and vegan facial and body care products with botanical power. they are unique and versatile. We also offer floral therapy products to make your cocooning evenings perfect. Each product is eco-responsible and has a touch of magic unique to us. Bonus astrology and tarology.

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