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BIO concentrated cleanser capsule - Bathroom


naturel composition biologique

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  • Concentrated biological and biodegradable biotechnological solution designed to clean accumulations of soap and scale from urinals, basins, baths, showers, ceramics and faucets. Equally effective against calcium encrusted on carpets and floors.

    Good to know:
    The more often you use it, the more effective it is. In addition to being active 24/7, non-pathogenic bacteria proliferate and become more and more effective.

    Here are some of the benefits:

    • Deposits an active natural flora 24/7
    • Makes future cleaning easier
    • Deeply removes dirt
    • Eco responsible product
    • Won't damage surfaces


    • Deposits an active natural flora 24/7
    • Makes future cleaning easier
    • Deeply removes dirt
    • Eco responsible product
    • Won't damage surfaces

    Made in Quebec | Bottle available here

  • Did you know that ready-to-use products contain up to 90% water? This results in unnecessary transportation, warehousing and merchandising costs.

    This is why KLIIN presents its new concentrated bio-cleaner capsules which aim to minimize the impact of waste, reduce the amount of plastic containers discarded or recycled and minimize the carbon footprint.

    Our concentrate capsules outperform the most efficient cleaning products on the market, but even better because they represent the best option in terms of responsible cleaning!

    The use of biotechnology offers a solution to cleaning problems difficult to solve with traditional chemistry! What is biotechnology? It is the use of enzymes, 100% natural which work to break down organic matter.


    • Concentrated formula
    • Exact dose
    • Biodegradable: Meets the criteria of OECD 301
    • Easy to transport: Minimizes space and unnecessary water transport

    Responsible cleaning

    • Minimizes the carbon footprint (1 truck of TWIST & KLIIN equals 18 trucks of ready-to-use products)
    • Compact and 100% recyclable capsules
    • Eco-responsible packaging
    • 18 times less bulky ( less storage space)
    • 10 times less plastic than traditional bottles and sprayers
    • Great savings in time and effort thanks to biotechnology
    • Highly biodegradable formula
    • Food coloring
    • Easy, minimalist and ultra efficient merchandising
    • Meets OECD 301 environmental ecological standards

    Unparalleled cleaning powers of the range of technological solutions

    • Destroys bad smells permanently
    • Liquefies stubborn fats
    • Makes floors less slippery
    • Prevents blocking of conduits
    • Non-harmful and without carcinogenic ingredients
    • Safe for short, medium and long term surfaces: Will not damage them.

    THE ecological and safe refill solution for vaporizers!

  • We are KLIIN and we are not afraid to get wet.

    We believe in cleanliness, but never at the expense of the environment. We are organic proof that we can pick up and clean without throwing anything away and do it with great style, quite naturally.

    Our adventure began with our famous “tea towels”. An innovation in the world of cleaning. KLIIN cloths are much more efficient, in addition to unequivocally replacing regular paper towels and rags.

    KLIIN '' tea towels '' linens are made of 100% natural fiber, Biodegradable and Compostable, disintegrates in just 28 days, Machine washable and / or dishwasher safe up to 300 times and Hyper Absorbent, absorbs up to 15 times its weight.

    KLIIN is economical, ecological and all that is more logical. With KLIIN, you wipe, clean, wash and start over and over again. Even after having rendered you a multitude of services, KLIIN has not finished giving. Put it in the compost and it will nourish your plants, your lawn, your garden, your family.

  • We're tripping over Kliin's capsules! They are so playful and fun to use that your kids will want to participate in the household! Once we have made a small "twist" to inject the product into your bottle, we reinsert the spray nozzle and presto, we clean! An effective cleaner and with a very subtle scent. We adopt!

    Want to know more? Click here to watch our video where we tell you why we love it so much!