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*** FREE MONTHLY TRIAL *** Click here → Add to cart → Enter promo code FREEMONTH → Enjoy!

Box of 20 meals - Protein



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  • 20 hot dishes containing 25g of protein or more.

    Do you exercise regularly? Your appetite is inexhaustible? The mealbox PROTEIN suits your needs. It contains our 20 meals which provide 23 g of protein and more. Flavors, nutrients and satiety on the menu!
    For anyone wishing to eat healthy and want a practical culinary troubleshooting solution.

    Butter chicken | Macaroni au gratin with veal | Fettuccine with salmon | Honey & Balsamic Pork Tenderloin | Cajun Chicken | Chicken teriyaki | Mango Chicken | Veggie spaghetti bolognese | Thai Chicken Soup | Asian Beef | Old Fashioned Veal Meatballs | Pork with apples | Shepherd's pie revisited | Pulled pork bbq | Braised beef in red wine | General tao chicken | Chicken couscous | Scallops, Lemon & Parmesan Pasta | Meat lasagna | Peanut Chicken.

    * Dishes are subject to change.

    20 protein dishes | 300g per dish | Certified Foods Prepared in Quebec. | Product without taxes

  • 1. Slightly lift one corner of the plastic wrap
    2. Cook in the microwave 4-5 minutes
    3. Let stand 1 minute
    4. Enjoy!

  • Helping Quebeckers improve their lifestyles thanks to my scientific knowledge, that is my mission!

    By creating Isabelle Huot Doctor in nutrition, I want to challenge many: those who have little time to cook, active people who move on a daily basis, those who want to eat healthy, buy quality products or meet competent professionals.

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