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Coconut Wax Candle - Lavender, Lime & Mint


naturel vegan

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  • For our coconut wax collection, we have chosen elegant and original fragrances.

    THE ODOR: This irresistible fragrance evokes a moment of pure relaxation with crunchy lavender and citrus notes as well as a touch of mint.
    THE WICK: Cotton

    Why coconut wax? 100% coconut vegetable wax.
    Coconut wax has an excellent combustion, namely a clean and slow combustion.
    Better retention of fragrances.
    This natural wax burns more slowly and lasts longer than other waxes.
    Coconut wax has a very low environmental impact. While other waxes leave behind a large environmental footprint.
    Completely non-toxic.

    Made in Quebec | 250mL = 50 to 60 hours. | Product without taxes

  • Cut the wick before each lighting.
    Place on a heat-resistant surface.
    Keep away from drafts.
    Warning! The glass container becomes hot after the candle is lit.
    Let the candle burn for at least 2 hours the first time and a maximum of 4 hours for each session.

  • Inspired by nature, our products are made with quality ingredients, natural and vegan, handmade in Quebec. Concerned about the environment, we use recyclable / reusable / biodegradable ingredients and packaging. In addition, all our products are made with organic oils and butters and an amalgam of essential oils that provide a natural fragrance and the beneficial power of aromatherapy.