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Bsissa gluten free - Breakfast cereal & legume mix


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  • Product of the Tunisian soil, the Bsissa without gluten is a raw preparation made of cereals, roasted legumes, flavors and spices that is consumed at breakfast, mixed with olive oil and honey. It can also be eaten as a protein drink, mixed with milk (vegetable or animal) and sweetened with fruit or honey. It is a good substitute for oatmeal, cereal and bread spreads.

    It is full of nutrients: proteins, complex carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium and toning and astringent spices. Bsissa is a sustaining food that is suitable for athletes, children, vegans, people who are short of time for lunch or who are on a diet, as well as fasting people.

    The gluten-free Bsissa in flour is a ready-to-eat breakfast mix. It can be prepared in different ways, as a breakfast cream, as a drink or as energy balls without cooking.

    Product of Tunisia | 300 g. | Product without taxes

    • Rice flour, chickpeas, lentils, corn, rose flower, marjoram, green and star anise.

  • Creation Delicia is a young family business established in Quebec. It develops a range of high quality, natural, ethical, tasty and unique grocery products. Creation Delicia offers 4 ranges of Mediterranean products, namely, a range based on dates. 4 condiments and a range of salts and seasonings reduced in sodium. All our products are exclusively free of preservatives, additives and colorants.

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