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Decaffeinated coffee with medicinal Mushrooms - Antioxidant & Cognitive Stimulant


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    DECAF combines the soothing properties of Reishi, the cognitive functions stimulated by Lion's Mane and the physical strengthening of Cordyceps for a healthy body in a Zen mind.

    Are you on a constant quest to balance your body and mind? Do you yearn for deep sleep and efficient days? MushUp's decaffeinated blend was created for the most sensitive among us, the caffeine intransigents who wish to fill up on energy, antioxidants and creativity in complete serenity. DECAF combines the soothing properties of Reishi, the cognitive functions stimulated by Lion's Mane and the physical reinforcement of Cordyceps for a healthy body in a Zen spirit.

    MushUp is a specialty coffee that combines the benefits of mushrooms with the energy of coffee, without the drawbacks of caffeine or the taste of mushrooms!

    Roasting: Half-black decaffeinated espresso
    Mushrooms: Reishi + Lion's Mane + Cordyceps
    Origins: Peru - Sidamo
    Flavors: Black cherry - roasted hazelnut - caramel
    Benefits: Antioxidant properties, nourishes the body and mind by strengthening cognitive and physical functions.

    Made in Quebec | In grains | Sustainable and reusable cane + 99% compostable refill bag | Mushrooms produced and harvested in Quebec.

  • Coffee with mushrooms?
    Yes, it may surprise you, but mushroom coffee is becoming increasingly recognized for its various benefits and is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. MushUp is proud to be part of this champi-revolution!

    But why? Coffee is a delicious beverage, with a local taste identity, whose beans are particularly porous. Thus, it blends perfectly with medicinal mushroom extracts, depending on their taste profiles, which can be fruity, chocolatey or even earthy.

    The recipes for coffees with MushUp mushrooms reduce the natural acidity of the coffee, considerably reducing the palpitations caused by its consumption, while enhancing the original flavors of the beans. All this in addition to being an overall healthier beverage, boosting the immune system, cognitive functions and/or physical abilities.

    To truly appreciate MushUp coffees, one must understand the various elements that make them up: coffee beans selected and roasted by master roasters; and medicinal mushrooms grown and harvested responsibly in Quebec. Our values, our expertise and that of our collaborators allow MushUp to offer the best possible coffees on the market.

    Our coffee beans
    MushUp works with local roasters who are recognized experts in their field. All our coffee beans are certified organic and fair trade, ensuring that MushUp's values are applied to all its products. Our coffees and roasters have also been chosen for their unique roasting techniques and the quality of their beans, being hand-picked and slow-roasted. Each coffee bean is perfect, ensuring consistency and a superior, high quality coffee.

    Our medicinal mushrooms

    Our organic mushrooms are 100% locally grown, harvested and processed. The transformation consists of a triple extraction to maximize the properties. We work with an expert mycologist, ensuring that our mushrooms meet all our criteria: quality, organic, fair trade and ecological.
    We use real mushroom extracts, 100% natural, without any input or grain, made from the body and mycelium. The mushroom is a whole, which is why we use all its parts to get the best out of it.

  • Born from a love of coffee and a passion for medicinal plants, this Montreal-based company is guided by the belief that health begins with nutrition. This unique beverage, capable of integrating the benefits of medicinal mushrooms from our forests, into our most precious daily routine, COFFEE!

    Our founder Maëva and her sidekick Isabelle work exclusively with local micro-refactors and mycologists. They ensure that the eco-responsible values and mission of MushUp are always represented through the taste and design of this premium coffee, capable of accompanying the daily challenges of its followers.

    Months of research, questioning, testing, experimentation and tasting preceded the creation of the best possible coffee for the well-being of everyone! How did we do it? As a team, in order to develop the best brewing technique of whole coffee beans combined with powerful mushroom extracts. As of 2019, MushUp is led by a team of female entrepreneurs dedicated to bringing unique and beneficial products from packaging to tasting.

    The MushUp team is now more than proud to offer VITAL , SPARK and VIGOR ; three distinct coffees with unique notes and benefits, providing everyone with a healthier and balanced day.

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