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Seeded paper card - Rudbeckia



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  • Flowerink
  • Greeting card seeded with seeds of wildflowers : Tricolor Gilia, Clarkia, Spiky Rudbeckia, Maritime Alysson, Silenus and Snapdragon.

    Format: 10.5cm x 14cm.
    Empty interior.
    Planting instructions on the back.
    Envelope made from sugar cane residues included

    Made in Quebec.

  • How does it work?

    Now that you probably know a bit more about seeded paper ... we need to address the question that is on everyone's lips ... How does do I plant my seeded paper? Follow us step by step and grow beautiful wild flowers. You'll see, it's pretty straightforward.

    Step 1 | Prepare the earth

    Before you begin, you need to find a spot where you can plant your paper. Whether indoors or outdoors, be sure to choose a location that enjoys several hours of sunshine per day.
    Outdoor : You can plant the paper in spring or summer. As most of the flowers are annuals, you should know that they will not grow back next spring (only Rudbeckia is a perennial). The good news is that planting outdoors requires less maintenance, because nature does most of the work.
    Indoor : If you plant your paper indoors, you don't have to wait for a particular season or time. On the other hand, you will have to take care of your seedlings more carefully by watering them regularly, making sure there is enough soil, etc.
    When you've found the perfect spot, fill it with soil and press lightly (no specific type needed).

    Step 2 | Plant the paper

    Now that the earth is ready, tear the paper into small pieces and place them flat on the earth. The ideal is to place the pieces on the ground directly and not on top of each other. Once the surface of the earth is well covered, take a small amount of soil and lay it on top of the pieces of paper so that you can still see a bit of the paper underneath (about 0.5cm of soil). Finally, add a good amount of water on top, making sure the soil is moist.

    Step 3 | Maintenance

    Now the fun part begins. During the first few weeks, the soil should be kept moist, as the seeds need water to germinate. The earth should therefore never become completely dry (inside and outside). To make sure the soil is still wet, feel free to touch it before watering. Over time, the paper will break down and the seeds will start to sprout. When you see little green leaves sticking out of the ground, it is a sign that you are on the right track! Keep watering regularly to make sure the shoots keep growing, water it once a week if the flowers are indoors, or let nature take care of it if the flowers are outdoors (it However, you have to water them yourself if it does not rain for several days). Remember, nature takes its time! It may take several weeks before you see any changes. As for the flowers, they will usually start to come out until several months later.It's the beauty of nature, isn't it?

  • Flowerink is a stationery company that offers greeting cards and other paper items seeded with wildflower and herbal seeds Montreal's first plantable greeting card company since 2017. Always printed and illustrated in Montreal.
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