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BLACK FRIDAY: FREE popcorn with each order + Orders shipped within 24h! 📦

Essential oils - Red pine


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  • Red pine is often found on soils too poor for white pine, especially in western Quebec. It forms pure stands or mixes with white pine and jack pine. Its rapid growth and resistance to wind, drought, insect infestations and blister rust make it the number one pine tree for reforestation.

    Native Americans collected resin (or pitch) from red pine, white pine, balsam fir and spruce to boil it until it reached the consistency of raw molasses. This preparation was used to waterproof their canoes and repair roofs and birch bark containers. It was used a lot for the construction of sailboats and docks, among other things because its wood contains almost no knots.

    • Latin name: Pinus resinosa
    • Botanical family: Pinaceae
    • Part of the distilled plant: Needles
    • Provenance: Quebec, plantation.

    Main properties:

    This oil is very oxygenating, therefore ideal for diffusion in winter in poorly ventilated spaces.

    • Venous and lymphatic decongestant: heavy legs, varicose veins, hemorrhoids (diluted!).
    • General tonic: fatigue
    • Anti-mucus and expectorant (+++): bronchitis, colds, sinusitis
    • Atmospheric antiseptic

    For complete information, consult an aromatherapy professional or a reference book.

    Made in Quebec | 15 mL.

    • For application to the skin, dilute to 20% maximum before use
    • Do not ingest without the advice of an aromatherapist
    • Not recommended for topical application for pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children.

  • Based in Inverness, in the center of Quebec, we put all our heart and our know-how to offer you essential oils and high quality hydrosols while respecting our forests.

    All our oils come from plants picked by us, are 100% pure and natural and certified organic by Écocert Canada.

    CÎME & FÔRET Distillery is also a story of brother and sister driven by the idea of ​​making the benefits of our forests accessible and working together.