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  • Barista Microtorrefactor
  • The Barista filter coffee tasting box is a unique box containing the 6 blends of the range. It is therefore ideal for tasting Barista's various filter coffees, as a gift or as a treat!

    Roasted in Montreal | 6 x 125g. | Product without taxes

  • NERO | Intense and fruity | Colombia
    Intense and very full-bodied, Nero is a black roast filter coffee! Its power is perfect to accompany the more difficult mornings. Its Colombian Supremos grains offer, when tasting, notes of wild berries, toast and a slight taste reminiscent of a smoked scotch.

    DOLCE | Sweet and rich | Guatemala
    Velvety as you wish, Dolce is a blend of washed SHG (Strictly High Grown) grains from Guatemala. Semi-black roasted, it is round and easy to drink. Its floral tasting notes will appeal to all coffee lovers who cannot resist a cup of filtered coffee!

    AFRICANO | Round, floral and balanced
    With a beautiful intensity, the Africano is a medium dark roasting filter blend that presents a touch of acidity and tasting notes of cocoa and vanilla as well as a small floral side. Its SHG (Strictly High Grown) washed beans come from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, and are sure to charm all lovers of tasty filter coffee.

    BIO UNO | Dark chocolate and lemon
    The Bio Uno is a filter blend, 100% Arabica, certified organic by Quebec Vrai and fair trade by Fairtrade Canada. Its beans from Peru and Nicaragua are roasted half-black and present, upon tasting, notes of dark chocolate and lemon. Light and velvety, it is delicious at any time of the day!

    BIO DUE | Aromatic and chocolatey | Ethiopia
    Bio Due, certified organic by Quebec Vrai and fair trade by Fairtrade Canada, is a full-bodied filter blend that offers aromatic and chocolate tasting notes from Ethiopian Sidamo beans. A comforting pleasure to taste cup after cup!

    MARRONE | Brown sugar and clementine | Indonesia
    Brown roasted, Marrone is delicious in hot infusion as in iced coffee! Slightly tangy, it presents tasting notes of brown sugar and clementine. A fresh coffee that will appeal to all those who appreciate lighter roasts.

  • Barista Microtorréfacteur was founded by Alex Sereno and Enrico Serena in 2004, two coffee lovers ... and childhood friends! Enrico is the craftsman, and Alex the communicator. Together, they have won the challenge of offering a high-quality product - "Slow Roast" coffee inspired by Italian tradition - for true espresso lovers.

    Over the years, Barista has seen the birth of a web communications and marketing department, the Institut national du barista , a full range of event coffee service , a gourmet platform ( We are food ), and even a book ! Today, the Montreal-based company has more than 20 employees and several hundred clients across Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia.