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BLACK FRIDAY: FREE popcorn with each order + Orders shipped within 24h! 📦

Powder mask - Flannel softness


naturel vegan

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  • Our do-it-yourself flannel soft powder mask at home * will regulate your skin's hydration and reduce the appearance of pores, wrinkles and fine lines by providing your skin with a soothing formula like flannel, stripped of dead skin and rich in natural vitamins and collagen .

    Each impurity will be expelled while a purification will be perpetrated during each use. after two weeks, it is skin without imperfections (acne pimples, redness) that you will be able to admire in the mirror. This is the best botanical powder mask on the market, nothing less.

    Our promise:
    - removes impurities and blackheads
    - helps prevent signs of aging
    - prevents the appearance of skin imperfections
    - helps restore an even and healthy complexion
    - increases the healthy hydration of the skin

    Simple, all you need a small spoon of the powder mask * per use as well as a little filtered water (you can boil tap water then let it cool or take a hydrosol of your choice) so that you obtain the necessary quantity and consistency desired to make a mask. You must then apply it all over your previously cleansed face (or even on the neck and shoulders, as you wish) and then let it sit for about fifteen minutes, no more. It is preferable, once it changes color, to spray a hydrosol to prevent the mask from freezing too much and damaging the skin. Finally, you have to rinse everything by massaging gently with warm water, quite simply. you can do the mask up to three times a week. best results occur after two weeks of use.


    multani mitti clay, rose petal powder, turmeric, rhassoul powder, fruit powder acerola, peony powder, hibiscus flower powder, house mix of crushed dried flowers and dried lavender flowers, natural mica.

    * suitable for all types of skins.
    Made in Quebec | 100g.

  • Indian Ayurvedic multani mitti clay is used in association with powders of plants or flowers in order to cleanse and purify the epidermis and hair in depth. however, it gently removes impurities and dead cells without causing unwanted redness. it also absorbs excess sebum and eliminates invisible toxins that lie beneath the skin's surface.

    Rose petal powder, astringent, acts as a tonic for both delicate and sensitive skin . it effectively treats small rednesses and skin imperfections caused by pollution. it also has anti-aging properties and offers radiance to dull and tired skin.

    Turmeric, this spice as precious as gold, effectively treats acne by regulating production of sebum. it prevents aging of the skin thanks to its antioxidant properties which soften features and wrinkles. it also attenuates the pigmentation of the skin, following a hormonal change or exposure to the sun for example, and reduces redness.

    Rhassoul is a volcanic clay which cleans according to a physical process by absorbing impurities and fats. it thus respects the hydrolipidic film of the skin and does not irritate the sebaceous glands. the hydration of the skin is therefore preserved and even amplified.

    Peony powder, in just a few weeks, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles by fighting against cell inflammation, boosting our elastin and collagen fibers, and increasing the density of our dermal papillae another good point: it brightens the complexion by regulating the excess of melanin in our skin, and it reduces the intensity of our spots at the same time. finally, it offers radiance to the skin by improving blood circulation. Better oxygenated and better nourished, the epidermis thus benefits from the acceleration of its repair process which slows down as it ages.

    Hibiscus flower powder contains sugars from the flower which have an instant moisturizing action on the epidermis. rich in vitamin c and polyphenols, hibiscus has antioxidant qualities. an asset which is enviable to him and which allows him to ensure the protection of the cells of the epidermis. applied to the skin, hibiscus helps to remove dead skin, often the cause of a dull complexion, and promotes better elasticity of the skin.

    The extract of the organic aceverola fruit is the treasure of the Amazon Indians. this little wild "cherry" is a concentrate of vitamin c. thus, it is perfect for detoxifying the skin. it is also appreciated for its antioxidant content and for its ability to tone the skin which can sometimes tighten.

  • June Cosmetics offers natural and vegan facial and body treatments with botanical power. they are unique and versatile. We also offer floral therapy products to make your cocooning evenings perfect. Each product is eco-responsible and has a touch of magic unique to us. Bonus astrology and tarology.