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BLACK FRIDAY: FREE popcorn with each order + Orders shipped within 24h! 📦

Mix of local fruits and vegetables - Sunset


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  • Take the time to drop off with our Sunset mix. The combination of cauliflower, pumpkin and maple syrup will make you travel to the heart of nature.

    Rich in protein, this blend combines the benefits of fruits and vegetables for the pleasure of cooking! Breathe deeply, add sun to your creations and savor. Our gentle blend will easily complement your diet, from sunrise to sunset. All you have to do is let yourself be enveloped in this quiet pleasure.

    - Excellent source of vitamin A
    - Good source of vitamin K
    - Rich in fiber
    - Source of potassium - Good source of iron
    - Source of vegetable protein

    Mix, stir or sprinkle.
    We have created a versatile product that allows you to increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables in a pleasant and easy way.

    Simple, easy and nutritious
    You have several possibilities for using Same mixes!
    Mix about 3 tablespoons of our mixture with water or milk to create a delicious smoothie, or add more to your breakfasts, snacks or dinners.
    Visit our section
    Recipes for even more ideas

    Made in Quebec | 120 g | Product without taxes | Since we use compostable bags, we suggest you consume Same blends within 2 years for optimal freshness.

  • Pumpkin seed protein *, Carrot *, Beet *, Pumpkin *, Maple syrup *, Cauliflower *, Cranberry seeds *, Ginger * .
    * Organic , dehydrated powder


    As far back as I can remember, I have always paid excessive attention to my physical appearance. I have tried all the quick fixes promising the "perfect" body, restricting myself to food, and categorizing foods as good and bad. All this to finally lead me to a terrible fear of all foods. This obsession with food has cost me the pleasure of eating. I was grappling with a demon who was subjecting me to uncontrollable urges to eat. There was this voice inside me asking me to stop eating, but it was impossible. It was after a consultation with a psychologist that I received a destabilizing diagnosis: binge eating disorder. In short, this is an eating disorder characterized by episodes where one can eat a very large amount of food uncontrollably and compulsively. This is how SAME was born. I had to relearn how to eat, sleep, breathe, deal with my emotions and, most of all, love myself. I have been able to change my relationship with food and make peace with food by listening to my body's needs. Inspired by my eating disorder, I decided to create nutrient mixes to make eating fruits and vegetables enjoyable and easy. Thanks to SAME, it is now easier than ever to take care of yourself by consuming fruits and vegetables differently; simply. Jessica xxx

    We have made the decision to give back to people who, in fact, are most often forgotten: young people and adults in court, as well as victims of domestic violence.Same has chosen to support community organizations specializing in accommodation, because we consider all humans on an equal footing and believe that it is by taking concrete action that we can improve the lives of each and everyone! Because eating is much more than a need, it is a deeply human social ritual, rooted in pleasure and sharing It can be difficult for organizations to have access to fresh and nutritious products when creating their menus . The portions distributed to organizations therefore make it possible to incorporate fruits and vegetables in a different way. Our dehydrated mixes offer a nutritious and tasty alternative to those who need it, to keep the pleasure of eating no matter what.


    Same is fully aware current environmental issues. It is for this reason that every action of the company must remain consistent with the protection of our planet. Whether it is with our use of local products and organic ingredients, compostable bags or even our contribution to reducing food waste, we are participating in the change.

    It is by working with local companies, with standards as high as ours, that we can offer you a product of incomparable quality. Creating unique blends with ingredients grown on our Quebec and Canadian lands is not just a challenge, it is a mission that is close to our hearts. Our short circuit is made up of partners who use sustainable and ecological methods, from content to container. We choose our producers and suppliers by ensuring the environmental ethics of their practices. While creating flavorful blends remains a challenge in itself, we are proud to bring you a product made with ingredients straight from the field, not from the lab!