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Get a free gift box with any Simplitude gift set purchase! No code necessary. 🎁

N ° 1 Nowa bar cleaner - Forest


naturel zero dechet

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  • Discover the N ° 1Nowa cleaning bar, our new kind of all-purpose cleaner.

    Its ecological formulation, made from natural materials, healthy ingredients, 100% active and biodegradable, which tends towards a zero waste lifestyle, positions it at the top of alternatives in housekeeping.

    Aromatic and powerful, it is suitable for all types of surface. The N ° 1Nowa cleaning bar activates on contact with water to facilitate your daily maintenance. Tested for over 45,000 hours by our housekeeping teams, its efficiency has delighted our team and our customers who now cannot do without it.

    A feeling of lightness, a sensory and olfactory experience. Fall for the N ° 1Nowa cleaning bar, your accomplice in ecological cleaning.

    Scent composition:
    The gentle inspiration of a walk in the forest during the first snows. This fragrance created around the fir tree and eucalyptus, celebrates the frank scents of a well-rooted terroir.

    Made in Quebec | 2 x 500 mL.

  • Allowing you to perform two (2) refills, your diluted N ° 1Nowa cleaning agent is your ally of cleanliness for effective maintenance on all your hard surfaces. Leaving a soft and silky finish, use it daily on kitchen and bathroom counters. Keep on hand to clean your furniture and all your living spaces. Cleaning and perfuming your home while respecting the environment has never been easier.

    STEP 1:
    Crack the Nowa bar (enjoy this guilty pleasure) and insert a piece into an empty bottle.

    STEP 2:
    Add 500 ml of lukewarm water and allow the Nova bar to dissolve completely.
    Note: All types of water can be used. Thanks to its active agents, Nowa bar cleanses hard, mineralized water and even rainwater. Wait for complete dissolution BEFORE closing the bottle. If you close the bottle before dissolution is complete, it could create pressure due to the chemical reaction of natural components in contact with water. It is not necessary to agitate the contents for the bar to dissolve faster. Hot water could help dissolve faster.

    STEP 3:
    Screw on the vaporizer and mix. Start your cleaning!

    Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Soda Percarbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Anionic Surfactant, Balsam Fir Essential Oils (and) Eucalyptus, Tetrasodium Iminodisuccinate ( Biodegradable Chelating Agent), Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

    It is recommended to shake the contents of your bottle before each use in order to ensure the regularization of the mixture. Keep your Nova Scotia barconcentrated in a dry place at room temperature. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not ingest. When dissolved in water, the product lasts as long as a standard cleaning product. We nevertheless recommend using it within 6 months to preserve the natural fragrances. Compostable paper packaging.

  • Nowa is a way of life, the promise to always see further.

    One step forward, Together [OneStep further, Together]

    Innovation prompts us to rethink our standards.The creation of Nowa bar lies in the desire for commitment to the future of our planet A collection developed from natural materials and manufactured with respect for the environment. Nowa bar advocates the protection of natural resources and dreams of a plastic-free world.

    Expression of a minimalist lifestyle, Nowa bar offers a unique alternative, lightweight zero waste. Nowa bar encourages diversity, inclusion and accessibility by immersing itself in best practices, but also by establishing itself as a leader in its industry.