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10-day Balance Program



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    Curious about trying a turnkey program that includes integrated meals and a meals and a menu to follow? The Express Balance Program 10 jThe 10-day Wellness Express Program allows you to experience the program without too much commitment!

    You want to rebalance your diet or adopt a diet to aim for weight loss to achieve stable and sustainable weight loss? 10 days of the program and you will already notice changes in your eating habits. eating habits.

    • 20 lunches / dinners
    • 1 duo of egg bites
    • 1 fruit & chia spread
    • 1 bag of energy balls
    • 6 assorted snacks
    • 1 bag of granola
    • 1 homemade cookie mix
    • Explanatory guide (detailed menu for the 10 days, grocery lists, snack lists grocery lists, snack lists, weight loss tips / how-to's tips)

    *Among the dishes included in this program (subject to change according to inventory):

    Mexican Casserole - 400 calories
    23g protein - 490 mg (21%)sodium)
    Mexican Casserole is a tasty and comforting dish. Made with brown rice, ground beef and black beans, it is an interesting way to incorporate legumes into your diet.
    Mango Chicken - 390 calories
    26g protein - 570 mg(16%) sodium
    A sweet and savoury combination that offers a good dose of quality protein, a variety of vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants for overall health. Chicken lovers will love it!
    Meat Lasagna -370 calories
    21g protein - 540 mg (23%) sodium
    Meat lasagna is a classic! Try our healthy version made with whole wheat pasta, a delicious homemade meat sauce, mixed vegetables and lean ground beef and pork.
    Creamy Salmon Pasta - 350 calories
    28g protein - 430 mg (19%) sodium
    This salmon pasta contains only 350 calories and 9g of fat. This meal is filling and contains 28g of protein. A great way to add omega-3 to your menu!
    Macaroni and cheese au gratin - 380 calories
    21g protein - 500 mg (22%) sodium
    Pasta lovers will love this meaty pasta au gratin dish. This meal contains 10g of fibre and is a perfect part of a balanced diet.
    Tortellini with cheese and rosé sauce - 380 calories
    21g protein - 480 mg (21%) sodium
    A classic... in a slimming version! Tortellini stuffed with cheese and drizzled with a rosé sauce for only 380 calories and 11g of fat. A vegetarian meal with lots of flavour!
    Oriental Salmon - 390 calories
    22g protein - 500mg (22%) sodium
    This Asian-style salmon steak is served with al dente green beans on a bed of vegetable brown rice. Tasty and filling!
    Mediterranean fish - 370 calories
    20g protein - 520 mg (23%) sodium
    This Mediterranean fish dish is delicious, colourful and tasty. It also contains only 370 calories and 11g of fat. A great way to incorporate fish into your diet.
    Moroccan Couscous - 350 calories
    21g protein - 520 mg (23%) sodium
    A tasty comfort food: Moroccan couscous. We particularly like the sweetness of the raisins and butternut squash added to the meal.
    Pan-fried cacciatore - 360 calories
    23g protein - 580 mg (25%) sodium
    Our pan-fried cacciatore is served with barley, chicken and tasty vegetables. With tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers and olives, this is a colourful dish with 10g of fibre.
    Butter chicken - 330 calories
    24g protein - 500 mg (22%) sodium
    A healthy and balanced meal doesn't taste like anything? Whoever said that had never tasted my butter chicken before! Discover the Indian flavours of my butter chicken dish and enjoy!
    - meatballs
    - Shepherd's pie revisited
    Orzo pesto and feta - 400 calories
    20g protein - 540 mg (23%) sodium
    Flavor and texture on the menu! The orzo is perfect with tofu, melting feta cheese and a variety of vegetables. A vegetarian meal that is more than tasty!
    Tofu Pad Thai - 360 calories
    21g protein - 510 mg (21%) sodium
    Thai style fried noodles topped with tofu and delicious vegetables... a real treat! Forget the restaurant and heat up this tasty meal instead!
    BBQ Pulled Pork - 380 calories
    23g protein - 550 mg (24%) sodium
    Pulled pork is all the rage! Its smoky, barbecue notes, combined with the delicious potato wedges and carrots make it a very popular dish. A perfect dish for meat lovers!
    Red Wine BraisedBeef - 330 calories
    30g protein - 530 mg (23%) sodium
    Tender meat braised in red wine, potatoes and carrots... a classic crowd pleaser! One of our highest protein meals with 30g of protein.
    Tao General Chicken - 350 calories
    26g of protein - 460 mg (20%) sodium
    A dish of Tao General chicken without frying, and yes it is possible... and delicious! It is served here with basmati rice, Brussels sprouts and beans. You'll be asking for more of this chicken dish!
    Mediterranean Penne - 380 calories
    23g protein - 490 mg (21%) sodium
    A vegan version of whole wheat pasta that combines flavours, textures and nutrients. Try this soy protein perfectly paired with a primavera sauce.
    Asian Beef

    Dishes are subject to change.

    1.Slightly lift one corner of the plastic wrap
    2.Cook in microwave for 4-5 minutes
    3.Let stand 1 minute

    *It is possible to transfer the meals to an ovenproof dish and reheat them that way. However, the results are not guaranteed.

    300g per dish | Certified Quebec Prepared Foods | Tax Free Product

    Like veggie options? There are more around here!

  • Mediterranean Penne
    Ingredients : Sauce: Water - Tomato - Soy concentrate (soy protein concentrate, caramel) - Onion - Celery - Carrot - Canola oil - Liquid salt - Garlic - Modified starch - Seasoning (spices, yeast extract, onion) - Natural flavour - Spice extract. Cooked pasta : Water - Penne (whole grain durum wheat flour) - Canola oil - Xanthan gum. Zucchini. Bell pepper. Onion. Parmesan cheese (milk). Fine herbs. Contains: Wheat - Milk - Gluten - Soy.
    Oriental salmon
    Ingredients: Vegetables (green beans, carrot, celery, onion) · Salmon · Brown rice · Sauce (water, honey, light soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, vegetable broth, cornstarch, salt, pepper) · Sesame seeds. Contains: Fish · Sesame seeds · Soybeans · Wheat · Gluten. May contain: Egg · Milk · Mustard · Shellfish · Crustaceans · Sulfites.
    Mexican casserole
    Ingredients: Diced tomatoes · Black beans · Lean ground beef · Brown rice · Peppers · Water · Corn kernels · Onion · Mozzarella cheese · Green onion · Chili · Canola oil · Garlic · Base demi-glace · Cumin · Salt.
    General Tao chicken
    Ingredients: Vegetables (Brussels sprouts, green beans, carrot, yellow carrot) · Chicken · Basmati rice · Sauce (water, ketchup, rice vinegar, light soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger, honey, sesame oil, cornstarch, garlic, oyster sauce) · Sesame seeds · Green onion.
    Butter chicken
    Ingredients: Sauce (water, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, partly skimmed milk, onion, cream, tomato paste, coriander, vegetable base, cornstarch, garlic, ginger, lemon juice, curry, cumin, honey, salt, pepper) · Cauliflower · Basmati rice · Chicken · Green onion · Turmeric.
    Red wine braised beef
    Ingredients: Vegetables (potato, carrot, turnip, celery) · Sauce (red wine, onion, demi-glace base, cornstarch, canola oil, salt, pepper) · Beef · Green onion · Fresh thyme.
    Creamy Salmon Pasta
    Ingredients: Vegetables (yellow and green zucchini, spinach, onion) · Salmon · Sauce (water, cream, dill, vegetable base, ginger, cornstarch, white wine, lemon juice, pepper, salt) · Whole wheat pasta · Caper · Lemon zest. Contains: Milk · Fish · Wheat · Gluten · Sulfites. May contain: Egg · Mustard · Shellfish · Shellfish · Sesame seeds · Soy.
    Mediterranean fish
    Ingredients: Sauce (edamame, diced tomatoes, red bell pepper, onion, black olives, canola oil, garlic, cilantro, salt, pepper, chili) · Couscous · Fish · Vegetables (zucchini, kale, carrot, yellow carrot, green chickpeas).
    Contains: Fish · Soy · Wheat · Gluten. May contain: Milk · Egg · Mustard · Shellfish · Crustaceans · Sesame seeds · Sulfites.
    Mango chicken
    Ingredients: Mango · Brown rice · Chicken · Pepper · Edamame · Light soy sauce · Coriander oil · Sesame oil · Honey · Garlic · Ginger · Salt · Pepper.
    Moroccan Couscous
    Ingredients: Chicken · Pearl Couscous · Tomatoes · Butternut squash · Carrot · Zucchini · Celery · Onion · Raisins · Canola oil · Garlic · Salt · Cinnamon · Turmeric · Ginger.
    Cacciatore Stir-fry
    Ingredients: Green beans · Barley · Chicken · Diced tomatoes · Water · Mushrooms · Peppers · Onions · Black olives · Tomato paste · Canola oil · Cornstarch · Salt · Chicken broth base · Pepper · Garlic · Oregano.
    Meat lasagna
    Ingredients: Meat sauce (diced tomatoes, water, lean beef and pork, spaghetti vegetable mix, cornstarch, garlic, basil, sugar, salt, oregano, chili) · Vegetables (green beans, yellow carrot, orange carrot) · Pasta · Mozzarella cheese.
    Cheese tortellini with rosé sauce
    Ingredients: Tortellini (Pasta: durum wheat semolina, liquid whole eggs, water, as appropriate, spinach powder or tomato powder. Filling: Ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, toasted wheat crumbs, salt, pepper, spices) · Vegetables (green peas, mushrooms) · Sauce (tomatoes, milk, onion, cream, tomato paste, nutritional yeast, basil, cornstarch, garlic, basil puree, salt, paprika, pepper) · Swiss cheese. Contains: Egg · Milk · Wheat · Gluten. May contain: Soy · Mustard · Shellfish · Crustaceans · Fish · Sesame seeds · Sulfites.
    BBQ Pork Effiloché
    Ingredients: Vegetables (potato, carrot) · Pulled pork · Sauce (water, demi-glace base, tomato paste, sugar, onion, carrot, white vinegar, cornstarch, Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, salt, pepper) · Spices.
    Tofu pad Thai
    Ingredients: Vegetables (bok choy, sprouted mung bean, celery, green onion, red bell pepper, carrot) · Sauce (water, brown sugar, dehydrated vegetables, cornstarch, lime juice, tamarind paste, light soy sauce) · Tofu · Rice vermicelli · Edamame · Cilantro · Sesame oil · Ginger · Garlic. Contains: Sesame seeds · Soybeans · Wheat · Gluten. May contain: Egg · Milk · Mustard · Shellfish · Crustaceans · Fish · Sulfites.
    Orzo pesto and feta
    Ingredients: Tofu · Spaghetti Vegetable Mix (Onions, celery, carrots, green peppers, red peppers) · Orzo · Carrot · Tomatoes · Peppers · Chickpeas · Onion · Pesto · Feta · Bruschetta · Basil · Green onion · Salt · Oregano · Pepper.
    Contains: Wheat · Gluten · Milk · Soy May contain: Sesame seeds · Eggs · Mustard · Shellfish · Crustaceans · Fish · Sulfites.
    Macaroni Au Gratin
    Ingredients: Meat sauce (diced tomatoes, water, lean beef and pork, spaghetti vegetable mix, cornstarch, garlic, basil, sugar, salt, oregano, chili) · Vegetables (green beans, carrot, yellow carrot) · Whole wheat macaroni · Mozzarella cheese.

  • My mission is to help Quebecers improve their lifestyle habits thanks to my scientific knowledge!

    By creating Isabelle Huot, Doctor of Nutrition, I hope to appeal to many people: those who have little time to cook, people who are active and on the go every day, those who want to eat healthily, buy quality products or meet competent professionals.

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  • Can I choose my meals?
    Unfortunately, no. The boxes are predefined, and you cannot change the meals that are included. However, we do offer two boxes with different meals: the protein and the vegetarian.

    If I order today, when will I receive my box?
    We invite you to consult the "delivery" section, by clicking on the tab at the top.

    What is the difference between buying from Simplitude and buying from Isabelle Huot?
    At Isabelle Huot, you can choose your meals. On the other hand, at Simplitude, you get a 5% discount + free delivery when you take our subscription(one month free trial). In addition, the subscription will give you access to discounted prices on all our 1500+ Canadian products, good for the planet and for humans.

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    The Simplitude membership gives you access to all our 1500+ Canadian products that are good for the planet at up to 50% less. You also get free shipping on orders of 80$ and more, as well as gifts with your orders.

    If I have allergies or food preferences, can I change the meals?
    Unfortunately, no. The boxes are preset, and you cannot change the meals that are included. However, we do offer two boxes with different meals: the protein and the vegetarian. If you have a food allergy, you can always offer the meals concerned to someone else, or you can go to Isabelle Huot to build a box that suits you.

    Are the boxes recurring every month?
    No, it is a single box that you buy. If you want to come back to our website to recommend more, you are welcome to do so! You can also order several boxes at once, the meals can be stored in the freezer and don't take up much space!

    Are the meals suitable if I am on a special diet?
    Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question. We are neither nutritionists nor qualified to give you advice. However, we can send you the list of ingredients with pleasure!

    Are the meals frozen?
    Yes, you receive them frozen, and you can put them directly in your freezer!

    Do you have any other questions?
    We are always available via online chat!