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*** FREE MONTHLY TRIAL *** Click here → Add to cart → Enter promo code FREEMONTH → Enjoy!

Soy wax candle refill


naturel zero dechet

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  • Râw & Co
  • We like the idea of ​​recovering, so not only are our molds made from recycled containers, your concrete pot will be able to be used several times since it is enough to clean it to insert a new refill of the fragrance you have chosen.

    100% soy wax.
    Crackling wood wick.

    Made in Quebec | 120g

    The wood wick must be very short at all times to prevent the flame from dancing too much and being too high.

  • Cleaning method:
    Pour boiling water into the pot until the wax rises to the surface and hardens. To be able to then recover it to put in a wax stove. If you don't have any, no more serious, put the remains in your compost (100% vegetable wax).

    Once your concrete pot has been cleaned with hot water, insert a refill in the interior.

  • Ode to ecology.
    We are capricious on the simplest details, up to the most complex.
    RÂW & co. is a concrete factory that wants to be ecological and we aim for zero waste.
    We collect waste from our homes to make our prototypes and products. The concrete once poured, if it does not meet our expectations, is broken and recolded to make it Terrazzo style. Water is recovered from our dehumidifiers and rainwater. No contaminated water is discharged.

    Our packaging is ALL compostable or recyclable.

    The name of RÂW comes from two words merged together. The name Ra, god of the sun, is responsible for making our candles made from 100% soy wax.
    RAW for concrete! Hand-mixed, we make all of our containers ourselves.