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Super Food - Latte


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  • Blume
  • A caffeine-free coffee alternative that will make you feel good about yourself! Vegan, gluten free, dairy free and organic.

    CURCUMA - Benefits:
    We call this one Golden Mylk. The perfect blend of super spices to make your body feel good. Help relieve aching joints, give your skin a glowing boost and support your immune system with this super spice blend.
    LAVENDER - Benefits:

    Balanced, soothing and gentle, this dreamy blue hue was formulated to calm restlessness and help you relax before bed. Known to be a natural pain reliever, lavender has been used for centuries to calm the mind and improve sleep quality.

    Preparation: mix 1 teaspoon of Blume with a little warm water. Add 1 cup of hot or cold "milk" of your choice. Sweeten with maple syrup or sugar.

    Made in Vancouver | 100 g | 30 servings | Store in a cool dry place. 

  • Ingredients Lavender: Organic coconut milkpowder (coconut milk, rice maltodextrin), sugars (organic coconut sugar), organic ground lavender and organic blue spirulina.
    Ingredients Turmeric:Turmeric root powder*, cinnamon powder*, ginger root powder*, cardamom powder* and black pepper powder*. *ORGANIC

    All of our ingredients are micro-milled for better absorption of health benefits and more versatility. Go beyond a latte (hot or iced) with smoothies, oatmeal or your favorite baked goods.

  • A simple way to enhance your daily rituals with lattes, made better. Whether in a coffee shop or in your own kitchen, you can now give your coffee a delicious superfood boost or swap it out entirely for your favorite latte flavor that doesn't compromise your wellness goals.

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