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All Purpose Degreaser



  • Description
  • Abieze
  • All-purpose 3-in-1 degreaser made with our camelina black soap. Use it for daily cleaning as well as for more demanding household chores.

    Use it to clean your kitchen counter after meals, to clean your bathroom on Saturday mornings, to give your oven a good scrubbing or to remove fingerprints from your white walls.

    Two fragrances are available, including the return of the must-have Nordic spa, L'odeur chouchou des clients, and a new addition to the family, pink grapefruit and lavender. It's like biting into a grapefruit... wow!

    Made in Québec | 500 mL.

  • Building on the success of our residential cleaning division, we're now creating and manufacturing our own line of active products. The importance of health at the heart of our workplaces [our homes] resonates with many of our values and awakens our conscience to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

    As a result of these reflections, our division for the creation, manufacture and distribution of cleaning products was born. also making our raw materials available, we aim to create a complete inventory for all the cleaning needs of a Quebec family. facilitate their transition to a zero-waste mode through web capsules, which we began in April 2021.

    With over 45,000 hours of use and a unique new image, we're building the reputation of abieze products with a lot of heart and passion.