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Candle - Balade d'automne


naturel vegan

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  • The "Balade d'Automne" candle evokes the season with delicious nostalgia. Its enchanting fragrance harmoniously blends warm spice notes, capturing the very essence of autumn. Gentle tonka bean accords add velvety depth, while rich amber nuances create a warm, enveloping atmosphere. Lighting this candle is like taking a stroll through an autumn landscape, awakening the senses and inviting you to lose yourself in memories of days gone by.

    Crackling wooden wick.
    100% natural coconut and soy wax.
    Natural aromatic oils.
    Does not give off black smoke.
    Hand-poured into an easily reusable jar, simply clean with warm soapy water.

    Made in Québec | 230g.

  • Cut wick before each use.
    Do not burn for more than 3 consecutive hours.

    Burn within sight.
    Keep out of reach of children, pets, drafts and ventilation.

  • Simplitude offers a range of healthy, respectful products that promote respect for oneself, for others and for what surrounds us. With no intermediaries, Simplitude can afford to offer attractive prices, its mission being to make local and responsible consumption accessible to all. All products are made in Quebec and the ingredients used are 100% natural.

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