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Sodium bicarbonate - 1kg


naturel zero dechet

  • Description
  • Abieze
  • The star of the house!
    Versatile and practical, baking soda is a great partner for any room in the house; kitchen, toilet and even the wardrobe.

    Powerful air freshener; sprinkle it at the bottom of the trash can, in a jar in the refrigerator or in your shoes. Bad smells will be absorbed there. It also cleans the house, using it at different strengths. Use it to create several easy-to-make recipes. 

    Made in Quebec | 1kg.

  • Building on the success of our residential housekeeping division, we now create and manufacture our own line of active products. The importance of health at the heart of our workplaces [our homes] resonates many of our values ​​and awakens our awareness to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

    At the end of these reflections was born our division in creation, manufacturing and distribution of cleaning products. Also making our raw materials available, we want to create the complete inventory for all the cleaning needs of a Quebec family. 

    Cumulating more than 45,000 hours of use, offering a new unique image, we are building the notoriety of abieze products with a lot of heart and passion.