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Functional Herbal Drink - Sparkling


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  • The functional drink Mint & Dandelion has a refreshing effect. Perfect to accompany a meal and give a feeling of well-being. Drink healthy without guilt or moderation!

    The Nettle & Rosemary Functional Drink tastes just like homemade iced tea and is caffeine free. Excellent for replacing conventional artificial and overly sweet iced teas!

    The functional bubbly ginger and chamomile drink is delicious anytime, but especially after a heavy meal. Perfect for replacing artificial or caloric drinks like sodas.

    Made in Quebec | 355 mL

  • Mint and Dandelion: Reverse osmosis sparkling water, peppermint*, dandelion*, maple syrup*, lemon juice*. *Organic

    Nettle and Rosemary: Reverse osmosis sparkling water, nettle*, rosemary*, maple syrup*, lemon juice*. *Organic

    Ginger and Chamomile: Reverse osmosis sparkling water, ginger*, chamomile*, maple syrup*, lemon juice*. *Organic

  • Healtea makes the NEW GENERATION of healthy, tasty and beneficial beverages from cold-brewed herbs known for their immunity, digestion and vitality benefits. Their Canadian infusions are made from real, high quality herbs! They are naturally CAFFEINE FREE, 100% ORGANIC (Ecocert Canada), LOW CALORIES and contain 5 REAL NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Drink better with Healtea Botanical Infusions!

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