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BLACK FRIDAY: FREE popcorn with each order + Orders shipped within 24h! 📦

Sourcran Bonbon - Sour Strawberry


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  • The Reinvented Fruit Candy
    Discover our line of candies made with real cranberries and low in sugar that bring new life to the sweet snack. SourCran sour candies put fruit at the heart of the snack. The result: a snack rich in strawberry-flavored fobers, to be enjoyed any time of the day. Now it's possible to have a balanced lifestyle while enjoying naturally delicious strawberry candy! !

    New to the snack world ! SourCran Strawberry Candy will satisfy a sweet tooth, but without artificial ingredients. Just dried cranberries, naturally sweet, and the strawberry flavor you love.

    You'll find a natural sour strawberry flavor with every bite. An opportunity to revisit your summer memories, any time of the year!

    Made in Quebec in a peanut-free plant | 60 g.

  • As we practice organic farming, we do not use any genetically modified ingredients, or synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

    Dried unsweetened cranberries (organic cranberries, soluble tapioca dextrin fiber, glycerin, organic sunflower oil), Organic cane sugar, Citric acid, Natural flavor.

  • Patience Fruit & Co are healthy snacks made from Quebec berries, that we take the time to cultivate with the greatest care, that we take the time to prepare, and that we take the time to savor.

    Patience Fruit & Co is also a family business that endures and preserves its values ​​through the generations.

    We deeply believe that it is better to do well than do fast, we live at the rhythm of nature. We don't ask for more than it can naturally give and we squeeze our berries just enough to make them tastier and juicier.

  • Here is the perfect treat for both adults and children. Here it is a family affair. Everyone eats SourCran when we crave candy!
    Once you've tasted I challenge you not to finish the bag. It is simply divine! The acidity is wonderfully sour candy, it's really like eating candy except that it's not bad for your health. My 6 year old daughter calls them "healthy candies" and I have great pleasure in never forbidding her to eat them (except before the meal or the bedtime haha!).

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