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Get 3 free Daydream cans with every purchase! No code necessary.
Get 3 free Daydream cans with every purchase! No code necessary.

Choco Bites


naturel vegan vegan

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  • Sweet tooth? Mid-morning bite? Choco Bites have you covered. With their tasty combo of dates, almonds, organic maple, cocoa and coconut, these bites will also woo you with its 2g of protein and fiber!

    Made in New-Brunswick | 2 bites per pack (38g)

  • Dates, Organic Maple Syrup, Cocoa, Oats, Sea Salt, Organic Almonds, Coconut Oil.

  • Snak- intentionally simple snackfood
    What’s in our food matters. Packaged snack foods are always promoting what they don;t contain- “no gluten”, “non GMO”, “no artificial sugar”, and always raving about being “real” and “natural”. But what about what they actually do contain? 75% of Canadians are reading ingredient labels, and for good reason. Consumers are tired of being disappointed in so-called natural alternatives, and “real” ingredients”. Why are we being bombarded with marketing and information, and how are we supposed to make an informed choice?

    Tired of the disappointment, frustration, and lack of options we set out on a mission to create products that are 100% customer focused- we think the only thing you need to know is what's inside, and we let the food do the talking. We position ourselves as trustworthy and transparent, offering the what, where and why for all ingredients –what is it, where does it come from, and why are we using it? By being bold in packaging and marketing, we give the consumer the knowledge, power, and information to make an informed decision about their food. No flashy lists, no preaching about glorified ingredients- just intentionally simple, epically delicious, sustaining snacks.