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Jar candle - 100% beeswax


naturel composition biologique

  • Description
  • Honey of the Guard
  • 100% natural and molded on the farm, our candles are made from certified organic beeswax and a natural fiber wick.

    Burning time of approximately 15 hours.
    Burning beeswax candles will give off a sweet smell of honey.

    Made in Quebec |

  • It all started in 2015, in Prévost, in the Basses-Laurentides, when neighbors moved. The latter owned three beautiful beehives. Already interested in insects and the environment, we offered ourselves as bee keepers.

    A great and beautiful love story with bees began!

    Miel de la Garde now operates around 300 beehives in the Rivière-du-Nord valley. This positioning allows us to certify our organic honey (certified organic by Québec Vrai). We have become, over time, breeders of queens!

    Miel de la Garde offers around twenty beehive products. From organic honey to body care products based on propolis, we offer you an immersion in the hive through our high quality products.

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