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Starter bottle empty 750 mL


zero dechet

  • Description
  • Kliin
  • Our 750ml (empty) bottle is perfect for our TWIST & KLIIN capsules.

    Fill the bottle with 750ML of water.
    TWISTER the cleaning capsule and this therefore gives you a cleaning formulation. Dissolves instantly and ready for immediate use

    Made in Quebec.

  • We're KLIIN and we're not afraid to get wet.

    We believe in cleanliness, but never at the expense of the environment. We are organic proof that we can pick up and clean without throwing anything away and do it with great style, quite naturally.

    Our adventure began with our famous “tea towels”. An innovation in the world of cleaning. KLIIN cloths are much more efficient, in addition to unequivocally replacing regular paper towels and rags.

    KLIIN '' tea towels '' cloths are made of 100% natural fiber, Biodegradable and Compostable. Disintegrates in just 28 days, Machine washable and / or dishwasher safe up to 300 times and Hyper Absorbent, Absorbs up to 15 times its weight.

    KLIIN is economical, ecological and all that there is more logic. With KLIIN, we wipe, clean, wash and start over and over again. Even after having rendered you a multitude of services, KLIIN has not finished giving. Put it in the compost and it will nourish your plants, your lawn, your garden, your family.