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ALL our subscriptions are now 50% OFF! No code required. Hurry while this deal lasts! 🤑

Glass bottle - Vitra Nowa


naturel zero dechet

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  • Nowa bar
  • Chic and practical, this translucent glass bottle with its vaporizer is the essential working tool for ecological cleaning.

    Get the Vitra Nowa and contribute to the disposable plastic disposal. A single Vitra bottle removes 4 plastic bottles in just one year. A zero waste alternative inspired by the circular economy movement.

    A feeling of lightness, a sensory and olfactory experience

    Fall for the Vitra Nowa, your accomplice in ecological cleaning.

    Made in Quebec.

  • Your reusable Vitra Nowa bottle is perfect to follow you through all your cleaning tasks.

    Insert your favorite Nowa bar and add water to start your green cleaning.

    Once the bottle is empty, repeat the experiment again with the same bottle.

    Take the necessary time to completely dilute the Nowa bar in lukewarm water before screwing in the vaporizer (between 5 and 10 minutes). Otherwise, the pressure of the concentrate could force the product out of the neck.

  • Nowa is a way of life, the promise to always see further.

    One step forward, Together [OneStep further, Together]

    Innovation prompts us to rethink our standards. The creation of Nowa bar lies in the desire for commitment to the future of our planet. A collection made from natural materials and manufactured with respect for the environment. Nowa bar advocates the protection of natural resources and dreams of a plastic-free world.

    Expression of a minimalist lifestyle, Nowa bar offers a unique alternative, lightweight zero waste. Nowa bar encourages diversity, inclusion and accessibility by immersing itself in best practices, but also by establishing itself as a leader in its industry.