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ALL our subscriptions are now 50% OFF! No code required. Hurry while this deal lasts! 🤑

Instant Coffee with Organic Reishi Mushrooms - Vitality Blend


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  • Stay ahead of the game with Dodjivi's powerful "4 PROTECTION" blend that will support your immune system and keep you on top of your game every day.

    from four types of functional, organic mushrooms that watch over your immune system like guardian angels. This blend is packed with antioxidant properties known to protect, heal and give you a natural dose of energy every time you take a sip!

    100% organic

    100% Colombian Arabica Coffee
    Our superior quality Arabica beans are grown at high altitudes in the rich volcanic soils of Colombia. Arabica beans are known for their characteristic sweet aroma and exceptional taste.

    Made in Quebec | 200g | Instant | 65 servings

  • What is the difference between organic mushroom coffee and regular coffee?

    The main difference between Dodjivi's premium healthy coffee made with organic reishi mushrooms and regular coffee is all the benefits you will get from it! The negative effects of regular coffee include fatigue, excitement, palpitations, headaches... Yaka-Yaka! Nobody wants that!

    Dodjivi Premium Health Coffee Blend with organic reishi mushrooms is an adaptogen and a healthy alternative to coffee. This coffee replacement option provides energy, reduces stress, improves concentration and immunity, so you can be at your best to face all your daily challenges!

    The other difference is that you don't need a machine to prepare your Dodjivi Premium Health Coffee; this tasty drink dissolves instantly. Just add hot water to your organic reishi mushroom coffee and say goodbye to fatigue, excitement, heart palpitations, headaches, and hello to your daily dose of health and wellness!

    Does mushroom coffee contain coffee?
    Yes, otherwise it wouldn't be mushroom coffee! Dodjivi Organic Mushroom Coffee Blend contains 100% Arabica micro ground coffee beans grown in Colombia. It contains much less caffeine than other regular coffees. The addition of other extracts and ultra-powerful ingredients helps offset the effects of caffeine for your overall well-being.

  • We only have one life to live, so why not make it a good one! We are committed to providing epicureans like you with an experience to satisfy the senses. High quality functional foods and mushroom products, backed by powerful scientific research, accessible to all. Tried and true, live life the Dodjivi way, with your cup half full. Everyone says yama-yama with me, it's time to start a functional food revolution!

    We strive to educate our foodie friends on how to incorporate functional foods into their daily diet and lifestyle. Our goal is to lead our global community on the path to wellness. Our mission is to empower people to discover how to take care of themselves by joining a healthy revolution.

    To lead an exciting movement in the functional food industry. We want to become a sustainable Canadian company, proud to produce high quality functional mushroom products for everyone, everywhere! We believe in offering holistic solutions that can support you on your journey to better health, and enable you to make small lifestyle changes for a brighter future.

    We value transparency and being honest educators in our industry. We want to empower people to embark on their quest to live a healthy, stress-free, and overflowing life through affordable products. As this product has had a positive impact on our daily lives, we are excited to give others the opportunity to feel great too. Customer service, quality and collaboration are at the heart of our business.