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Puffed Quinoa Cereals - Cocoa


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  • Description
  • Ingredients
  • GoGo Quinoa
  • Your whole family will love these crunchy quinoa and rice puffs! These chocolate treats are organic and gluten-free and are perfect for a quick breakfast or even as a light and original snack.

    • Vegan
    • Peanut free
    • Nut-free
    • Soy free
    • Without Egg
    • Dairy free
    • Non-GMO verified

    Made in Quebec | 260g. | Product without taxes

  • Organic white rice flour, organic quinoa flour, organic cane sugar and organic cocoa powder.

    Made in a nut, peanut and gluten free facility.

  • At GoGo Quinoa, we eat healthy. We love to innovate, and we're constantly creating new recipes, discovering new ways to make quinoa so it becomes part of your everyday life. We are dedicated to providing you with a variety of delicious and nutritious quinoa products. This is why we are the first Canadian company to ensure the quality control of quinoa directly in our factory. This assures our customers of the highest quality quinoa products available on the market today. Over the past 10 years, we have created, developed and launched over 60 organic quinoa grain products.