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Ecological Odor Removal


naturel vegan vegan

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  • J'habite chez mon chat
  • Just like housework, the war on bad odors is always on! Why not find some relief in smart, healthy, natural choices like J'habite chez mon chat odor remover!

    Its main patented ingredient not only captures bad odors, but makes them disappear completely by the enzymes present that break down the malodorous molecules. The animals will no longer be able to detect their odor and will be less inclined to return to the scene of the "crime". This product becomes an essential in the learning of cleanliness in addition to being an entirely natural and soft ambient perfume.

    . Handmade
    . Vegan
    . 100% natural
    . Palm oil free
    . Phthalate free
    . Paraben free

    Made in Quebec

  • *Always test the product on a small portion before using on a larger scale. Some fragrances such as citrus explosion may represent a risk of staining due to the extracts used, although these are not permanent stains.

  • Natural products of environment, cleaning and comfort of the house, adapted to the big sensitive, hairy or not!