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Hot chocolate - Classic


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  • Avanaa Chocolate
  • This blend is born from our homemade recipe that we offer in the store. Our customers would ask us to make them a mixture as memorable as the one we prepare for them daily.

    What could be better than THE ultimate comforting drink to keep your spirits up?!

    Summits of indulgence in a minimum of preparation. We've created the perfect hot chocolate recipe for you, even better than your childhood memories. A big dose of our dark chocolate with a touch of nostalgia. This is our secret for a highly chocolatey and creamy drink that will make you travel.

    Our hot chocolate is made with our crushed chocolate, organic sugar, artisanal cocoa powder and a pinch of salt. This is the way to make a creamy and memorable hot chocolate… well, it takes quality ingredients to achieve this feat. Our hot chocolate mix is ​​made from exceptional organic Nicaraguan beans (O'Tuma), which gives notes of fudge, cream, berry and nuts to your favorite hot drink.

    Our hot chocolate mix allows you to make homemade hot chocolates whenever you want, in less than two minutes. One bag will allow you to make 5 to 8 large portions of hot chocolate.

    Made from A to Z in Montreal | 150 g | 100% natural & vegan

  • Ingredients:
    Cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, cocoa powder and salt.

    Preparation method:

    • 100ml oat milk or milk of your choice (team preference: barista-type oat milk).
    • 50 ml of hot water.
    • 3 c. (30g) of chocolate for an intense drink or 2 tbsp. tablespoons for a sweeter chocolate.

    Step 1 : Heat the milk, water and chocolate together.

    Step 2 : Stir vigorously with a whisk, frother or closed pot until everything is smooth and a nice foam appears on the surface.

    Step 3 : Sweeten to taste and enjoy.

    * It is important to allow the chocolate time to melt completely for a decadent result.

  • Our micro chocolate factory was born from a trip to Mexico. In the state of Oaxaca, we saw the activity of small artisans who transformed locally harvested cocoa beans into chocolate. It was then that we realized our ignorance (filth) about the stages of chocolate production! Yet we ate it every day. We said to ourselves: "Produce chocolate from cocoa beans ... and why not in Montreal?" "

    Unfortunately, there is not enough sunshine to grow cocoa in our northern regions. This is why we import our cocoas from small farms and cooperatives in Latin America. Then, all the steps to transform the cocoa into chocolate are done in our factory in the Villeray district. It is by controlling each of these stages, from the fermentation of cocoa to tempering through roasting, that we manage to produce chocolate of unparalleled quality. Buying our chocolate may not save the world, but by encouraging sustainable agriculture and direct trade with cocoaoteros - the farmers of the cocoa plantations - we (and you) are modestly participating in a world better. In any case, by making excellent chocolate from the bean to the bar, we are convinced that we are contributing to your daily happiness, and we have won it already.

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