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Get 3 free Daydream cans with every purchase! No code necessary.
Get 3 free Daydream cans with every purchase! No code necessary.

Botanical Sparkling


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  • Description
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  • Harrington Estate
  • The champagne of Botanical Sparklers! Refreshing beverages with Nordic flavors and only two ingredients! A light beverage for a refined taste and smell experience.

    • No preservatives
    • 0 salts
    • 0 sugars
    • 0 calories

    Sweet Spruce
    Let yourself be transported to the heart of the northern forest for a sip and you will discover the best of nature. The delicate and refined flavour of spruce sprout floats with soft fir notes for instant refreshment.

    Woodland tea
    No need to put on your hiking boots and get out the mosquito repellent to taste the best of the boreal forest. Our botanical sparkling water with wintergreen is a real treasure to drink. A delicately minty taste with subtle sweet notes.

    Juniper berry
    This little blue berry is very present in our northern forests and its frank and authentic flavour reveals a certain character and charms the fine palates in search of a slightly more spicy taste sensation. A pleasant and festive feeling to drink a gin no matter thetime of day or the place!

    Do you know the Nordic vanilla? A botanical jewel of the soil with a pleasant scent offering sweet and spicy vanilla notes. You've probably come across it along the roadsides in mid-July, proudly displaying its long spikes of white flowers. A bi-annual melliferous plant, it attracts pollinators and nourishes poor soils. So many qualities in one plant!

    Made in Quebec | 250 mL | Available individually or in packs of 4.

  • Carbonated natural spring water and botanical extract

  • Our fine and sought-after products respond to the concerns of many of today's consumers. Curious and concerned about their well-being, they want to eat healthily, explore new flavors and minimize their ecological footprint by purchasing locally designed and packaged products. Our first ever line of sparkling spring water with botanical extracts is inspired by this reality by offering you real drinking treasures created to meet this craze.

    Welcome to Harrington, in the heart of the Red River Valley in the Laurentians.

    We have a long history of love for the great outdoors and nature in all its forms. As entrepreneurs and nature lovers, nature has always been an important part of our family. This is even more true since we realized our dream of living in symbiosis with nature. Our 410-acre open-air laboratory reveals the immense botanical richness of our boreal forest and we now want to share its secrets. Inspiring place, isn't it?

    We aspire to have the Harrington estate eventually recognized as a botanical reserve protecting biodiversity. A healthy business on a human scale whose objective is to contribute naturally to the well-being of consumers and biodiversity.

    The objective is to reach, mobilize and inform people who care about health, nature and well-being. Seduce the hearts and taste buds of consumers with the Harrington product line while promoting the jewels of the Laurentian flora and bringing a set of non-guilty pleasures. The Harrington estate is the foundation of this quest, the cornerstone.

    Many researches, trainings and accompaniments are still going on today in order to optimize the adventure and to be informed of the trends to come in order to face this titanic mission which would be impossible to realize alone because this adventure is a family one. Stronger - further.