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Gift set - 3 spreads (3x100g)


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  • The ideal gift for all occasions, a nice surprise to discover our spreads, a gourmet gift... all of which will be a great pleasure! Our discovery box is also a good way for you to discover 3 of our spreads, in small format.

    The gift box consists of 6 spreads of 100g:
    Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate & Buckwheat
    Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate & Coffee
    Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate & Maple
    Gluten free - Peanut free - Preservative free - No added oil

    Made in Quebec | Product without taxes.

  • Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate & Buckwheat
    50% hazelnuts, Organic cane sugar, Dark chocolate (100% Belize origin - Monarque chocolates), Seeds roasted buckwheat (Quebec / Ontario), Cocoa powder, Vanilla pods, Fleur de sel

    Hazelnuts, Dark chocolate & Coffee
    50% hazelnuts, Organic cane sugar, Dark chocolate (100% Belize origin - Monarque chocolates),
    Freshly ground coffee beans (Guatemala origin - 94Celcius ) , Cocoa powder, Fleur de sel. 

    Hazelnuts, Dark chocolate & Maple
    Hazelnuts 54%, Maple sugar (Domaine des 15Lots), Dark chocolate (100% Belize origin - Monarque chocolates), Cocoa powder, Fleur de sel.

    Made in a workshop that uses: Nuts - Milk
    It is normal for a layer of oil to develop on the surface, this is due to the high concentration of hazelnuts. Mix before use. Does not require refrigeration - Store in a cool, dry place

  • Back to basics
    It is important to eat healthy, especially for a product that is part of our daily diet. If you are looking for a local and healthy alternative, far from us the idea of ​​bragging, but Allo Simonne is the solution!

    Why? Because our spreads are among the best in the world. It's hard to do better!

    An oil-free spread
    We have created recipes with no added oil. How? By adding a lot more hazelnuts than most commercial spreads. We've made it our main ingredient.

    For us, it's the taste and quality of the ingredients that are essential. Allo Simonne guarantees you an oil-free spread without flavorings, additives or preservatives.

    Live an experience 
    One bite will be enough to convince you. Our spreads are unpretentious and have the particularity of making you travel through time. They remind us of those family brunches or those chocolate sandwiches that mom prepared for recess.

    Our spreads will awaken your taste buds, we guarantee it!

    Several of our products have been awarded at the Internationals Chocolate Awards. We even finished second in 2019, at the world final of the competition in Italy.

    A complete line of spreads
    Our current range of 9 healthy, gourmet and creative spreads is for everyone, young and old. 

    From roasting the nuts to potting, we control all stages of production in our workshop located in the heart of Montreal. This allows us to offer a constantly evolving selection of spreads.

  • Every morning, I make myself a slice of bread (gluten free) with chocolate spread. I think I have tried all the chocolate spreads in Quebec but the ones I prefer are by far those from Allo Simonne! They are so generous with the ingredients, it's amazing! It's crunchy and it's just delicious. There is no other word! And it's a good way to spoil yourself while consuming healthy products :)