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Free Fleur du Malt pancake mix with any purchase of 50$+. Code: CADEAUGRATUITFDM
Free Fleur du Malt pancake mix with any purchase of 50$+. Code: CADEAUGRATUITFDM

Spices - Dried mint


naturel vegan vegan

  • Description
  • The Fattoush girls
  • Very aromatic, dried mint is added at the end of preparation to flavor meat dishes such as roast or grilled lamb.

    Its flavor sweet and refreshing brightens tabbouleh, salads and sauces, especially yogurt

    Made in Quebec | 25g. | Product without taxes

  • By offering Syrian refugee women a first job opportunity, we are contributing to their quest for autonomy and their integration into our society as active members of it.

    Our story
    Faced with the disturbing social, cultural and economic obstacles that any refugee must face upon arrival in Canada, the Fattoush Daughters provide newcomer Syrian women with an integration opportunity significant: a real job leveraging their culinary talent, which allows them to generate an income while establishing a social network. This job is not only a first step towards regaining dignity, but it also allows women to communicate with each other and with their clients; it therefore results in a real mutual benefit. All give and all receive, therefore all win. The global refugee diaspora threatens many cultural legacies. Les Filles Fattoush is responding very positively to the problem. Collective work creates bonds, boosts self-esteem and benefits not only women, but also their families and the community. New opportunities are being created, for example, through word of mouth, but also through meetings and discussions between Syrian women and Canadians: this allows them to discover skills other than their culinary talent. Among the first Fattoush Girls we find sports trainers, lawyers, journalists, in short, women from various trades and professions. The workplace becomes a unique opportunity to integrate into life here. There is no one-size-fits-all cure. Social and economic obstacles will always be present, but the Fattoush Girls is a positive and innovative project that helps to overcome them.