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Get 3 free Daydream cans with every purchase! No code necessary.
Get 3 free Daydream cans with every purchase! No code necessary.

Lavender essential oil - Soothing & Antibacterial


naturel composition biologiquezero dechet

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  • Explore the many uses of our lavender essential oil, renowned for its soothing and antibacterial properties. Add a few drops to your laundry to infuse your clothes with a gentle, relaxing scent. What's more, its antibacterial action makes it an ideal ally in the fight against unpleasant odors. Turn your household routine into a sensory experience, where cleanliness and well-being come together in harmony.

    Made in Québec | 10 mL.

  • Building on the success of our residential cleaning division, we are now creating and manufacturing our own line of active products. The importance of health in our workplaces [our homes] resonates with many of our values and awakens our conscience to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

    As a result of these reflections, our division for the creation, manufacture and distribution of cleaning products was born. also making our raw materials available, we aim to create a complete inventory for all the cleaning needs of a Quebec family. facilitate their transition to a zero-waste mode through web capsules, which we began in April 2021.

    With over 45,000 hours of use and a unique new image, we're building the reputation of abieze products with a lot of heart and passion.