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Empathy game - I am you



  • Description
  • Veronica Alva
  • What is I am You? It's a board game that can be played from the age of 3, which allows, through illustrated cards, to raise awareness of the concepts of empathy, tolerance and inclusion. It is a fun way to understand the importance of putting oneself in the shoes of others from early childhood.

    I am the Earth, I am the Tree, I am the Water - this understanding that we, others and nature are one is essential to bring out this awareness of empathy and well-being of the planet: this is the mission at the heart of I am You.

    This game also allows young and old alike to learn French, English and also Spanish! The knowledge of another language opens us to the world and helps us to better understand a culture different from ours.

    The game box contains :
    32 illustrated cards in French, English and Spanish.
    6 cards each with 16 different images.
    A cotton bag with beans to use as tokens.
    A 16-page coloring book with activities on empathy in French, English and Spanish.

    Rules of the game:
    Gather 2 to 6 players. Distribute 1 card per player and tokens, each player can choose the card that will bring him luck to play! Designate the "mirror" person (who may or may not be one of the players), responsible for facilitating the game and showing the cards. Then the cards are drawn and named one by one by the "mirror", and each player places a token on the corresponding image on his or her card, if it is there. When the "I am You" card is named, the players change places and take the one to their right (to signify that at any moment it is possible to be in the other's place, as in life). The first player who fills his card entirely with chips and says "I am You" has won!

    Made in Quebec

  • The author, Veronica Alva, is originally from Mexico. The game I am You comes from the Loteria (bingo), used in the Mexican tradition to transmit values and their links with the history of the country. I am You is also inspired by the Mayan culture. The Mayans used to greet each other by saying "In Lak'esh", which literally translates as "I am another you".

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