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  • Clever Mocktails
  • Mojito: Our Clever Mojito begins with an infusion of two types of mint: sweet mint and peppermint. This combination imparts the mint flavour without the bitterness. Just before distilling, lime peels are added to obtain a fresh and aromatic infusion. We wrap up our mocktail with 100% natural flavours to obtain the rhum notes you would recognize in the alcoholic mojito previously enjoyed on your favorite beach or patio!

    Gin & Tonic: Inspired from classic British gins, our Clever Gin & Tonic starts with a distillate of a botanical infusion of juniper berries, green cardamom seeds, and coriander seeds. It’s these three ingredients, found in all classic English gins, that contributes to the fresh herbal notes of our drink. We also add a touch of quinine that gives the distinct bitterness found in a classic Gin & Tonic.

    Pink Gin & Tonic: Our carefully confection distillate start with three classe English gin ingredients: juniper berries, green cardamom seeds and coriander seeds. This mocktail has a hint of bitterness specific to classic Gin and Tonic, thanks to quinine, with a fruity twist: the delicate fruitiness of blackcurrant. It’s the perfect blend to enjoy whenever you want, as much as you want, especially when the weather warms up!

    Moscow Mule:
     The first non-alcoholic moscow mule in Canada!Our version of a non-alcoholic moscow mule offers you the best of two worlds: spicy ginger notes paired with the freshness of classic botanicals true spirits.

    Produced in Quebec | 355 mL

  • Uncover the secrets of our Clever products, crafted in Canada, and learn about our unique production processes.

    We select the finest botanicals and meticulously source them.Botanicals are the herbs, spices, fruits, that give our mocktails and non-alcoholic gin their unique flavours.

    We artisanally distill these botanical extracts in an authentic copper still to capture their bright and vibrant flavours. We only distill in small batches, adding just the right quantity of botanicals.

    The result is a refined, refreshing, non-alcoholic drink that doesn't ask you to compromise on taste, with no downsides of alcohol.