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Free Fleur du Malt pancake mix with any purchase of 50$+. Code: CADEAUGRATUITFDM

Dissolving cleaner - Glass & mirrors


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  • Tanit
    Ideal for windows, mirrors and other glossy surfaces, REVOLUBAR window & mirror cleaner gently cleans thanks to its effervescent effect, without leaving any marks.

    The synergy of components from coconut oil and other natural extracts leaves surfaces naturally shiny. They lift sticky residue and remove fingerprints, for a flawless finish.

    REVOLUBAR is a long-lasting cleaning solution that reinvents home care with ease. It generates 100 times less CO2 emissions than its liquid equivalent and fights against plastic pollution at the source thanks to its compostable packaging.

    Once dissolved in water, each effervescent tablet provides 500ml of cleaning product in its infinitely reusable glass bottle.

    100% NATURAL

    ALL-PURPOSE - Ideal for all washable surfaces
    DEGREASER & STAIN REMOVER - Ideal for the kitchen and bathroom
    WINDOWS & MIRRORS - Ideal for glossy surfaces es

    Made in Quebec.

  • STEP 1 . Pour 500 ml of hot water into a reusable bottle
    STEP 2 . Insert a tablet and let it dissolve completely
    STEP 3 . Shake gently before use

    TANIT is a Montreal company created by a couple of engineers passionate about scientific research.
    Through a series of journeys and discoveries as well as a simple philosophy of life, the couple managed to forge a strong and special bond with nature. In 2018, they decided to create a range of eco-conscious everyday products based on science.
    Within TANIT laboratories, the team of scientific engineers combines expertise and know-how to design sustainable solutions and original associations of plants and microalgae. With the desire to help the world realize that the answer lies in nature.