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BLACK FRIDAY: FREE popcorn with each order + Orders shipped within 24h! 📦

Shampoo bar oily & delicate hair - aurore boréale


naturel zero dechet vegan

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    TANIT shampoo bars are completely natural and zero-waste. One 60g bar saves 2-3 x 250ml plastic bottles wasted.
    Each bar has been designed to breathe new life into a guy specific hair, while offering an optimal sensory experience.

    100% NATURAL

    OASIS - Normal hair | Nourishes + Tones + Protects
    CIEL D'AZUR - Dry and damaged hair | Smooths + Hydrates + Repairs
    AURORE BORÉALE - Oily and delicate hair | Purifies + Rebalances + Restores volume

    Made in Quebec | 60 g.

  • Sodium cocoyl isethionate *, Nigella Sativa seed extract, Urtica dioica powder, Illite green clay, Stearic acid, Citrus aurantium flower water, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Mangifera indica butter, Tetraselmis chui extract, Argania spinosa kernel oil, Acacia concinna fruit powder, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Mentha spicata extract, Ricinus connunis seed extract, Melaleuca Alternifolia oil, Citrus Paradisi Oil

    In some cases, the glands in the scalp create a excess sebum, a natural oil that can make hair greasy between washes. Aurore Boréale solid shampoo is designed with natural extracts that help restore the natural balance of the scalp for lasting treatment of oily hair. Experience a foaming formula that cleanses and purifies your hair with a hint of fresh lemon.

    Green clay and nettle extract coexist to prolong the hair washing cycle. Green clay is a mineral of volcanic origin, able to absorb excess sebum and rid the scalp of accumulated toxins. Nettle is rich in zinc, an element that rebalances the pH and natural oils of the scalp, while promoting healthy hair regrowth.

    Nettle extract also works to restore hair's natural volume and maintain thickness. It helps to strengthen the hair and give more body to fine hair.

    Made with extract of Tetraselmis Chui, a microalgae cultivated in TANIT laboratories. In addition to having a powerful sebum-regulating action, it protects the hair from environmental stress that can trigger the onset of dandruff and itchy scalp. Another natural remedy that fights dandruff and irritated scalps is organic black cumin seed oil (Nigella). Its 100 active ingredients act quickly to hydrate the scalp deeply without weighing down the hair.

    TANIT is a Montreal company created by a couple of engineers passionate about scientific research.
    Through a series of journeys and discoveries as well as a simple philosophy of life, the couple succeeded in forging a strong and particular bond with nature In 2018, they decide to create a range of eco-conscious everyday products based on science.
    Within TANIT laboratories, the team of scientific engineers combines expertise and know-how to design sustainable solutions and original associations of plants and microalgae. With the desire to help the world realize that the answer lies in nature.

  • I have tried several solid shampoos and most of the time I was disappointed because they didn't lather much. But when I tried this shampoo, I came to terms with these zero waste products! It foams a lot, like a liquid shampoo and what about the volumizing effect! Wow !!! In addition to being hydrated, my hair has volume, frizz-free and with beautiful defined waves. I am won over! You got it, I only wash my hair with this shampoo from now on!

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