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Free Fleur du Malt pancake mix with any purchase of 50$+. Code: CADEAUGRATUITFDM

Make-up removal pads - Refill


naturel zero dechet vegan

  • Description
  • Bamboo
  • OLA Bamboo
  • These ultra-soft makeup removal pads are perfect for easily removing your makeup.

    Apply makeup remover or micellar water directly to the pad before removing makeup. They are also ideal for applying your tonic. The fact that the makeup remover pads are pale allows you to see the makeup you remove from your face.

    These makeup removal pads are an ideal choice for a zero waste lifestyle. It is also a perfect gift idea to encourage your loved ones to reduce their waste.

    • 16 bamboo fiber makeup remover pads
    • Reusable
    • Made from bamboo viscose (70%) and cotton (30%) fiber
    • This product contains an adhesive based on natural latex
    • Machine washable in the bag provided and tumble dry.
    • Biodegradable fibers
    • Bamboo cultivation is done without the use of pesticides or insecticides
    • The fiber / hectare ratio is one of the highest among textile fibers.
    • Bamboo forests absorb 35% more C02 than a regular mixed forest.

    Use & maintenance:
    Wash and dry the make-up removing pads in the machine, at the regular cycle, in the small washing bag included in the box. Normally they will come out well cleaned. The delicate cycle is not necessary and the cleaning will be more effective with the regular cycle, always in the mesh bag.

    Note that spots mostly depend on the type of makeup used, as some stain more than others. If there are stains, it is purely aesthetic; the pads are clean and can be reused without problem.

    If stains persist or are bothering you, you can soak your makeup removal pads in a 50/50 mixture of baking soda and peroxide for a few minutes before washing them in the machine on the regular cycle.

    You can also rinse your makeup removal pads with water after each use to remove excess makeup.

    Ethically made in China.

  • Bamboo is a resource that renews itself quickly and has antimicrobial properties. In addition, moso bamboo, used in the manufacture of our toothbrushes, is a type of bamboo not consumed by pandas. It grows naturally without the addition of chemicals. The handle is 100% biodegradable. Nylon bristles are flexible enough to reach all corners of the mouth to keep your teeth perfectly healthy. It is a great alternative to plastic.

  • Our mission is to help reduce plastic waste by offering environmentally friendly products that are accessible and easy to use.

    Making a difference means starting with small things. Our adventure started with the bamboo toothbrush, because it is an element that we will use all our lives and which is (almost) always plastic! But we weren't going to stop there! A ton of utility items are disposable and pollute a lot.

    Hence the creation of our various other ecological products, such as our reusable bamboo utensils and straws, our reusable makeup removal pads, our ecological dental floss and much more!

    Social economy

    For OLA Bamboo, social involvement is an integral part of the company's mission.This is why we are doing business with Re-Source Intégration, a social economy company located in Gatineau, which employs more than a hundred people with a disability, either an intellectual disability, physical limitations or mental health disorders. We also work with the company Pivot Center-du-Québec, located in Drummondville, which is a psychosocial rehabilitation service through the medium of work. Participants in recovery are people aged 18 and over living with a mental health problem.

    Whether it is for the assembly of certain products and displays or for the engravings of certain corporate products; it is a pride for us to work with these wonderful teams!

    We plant trees
    When you buy an OLA Bamboo product, you at the same time, participate in tree planting with Compensation CO2 Québec. It is very important for us to decrease our carbon footprint and to help the health of our beautiful planet. Since the start of the adventure, more than 2,000 trees have been planted in Notre-Dame des Bois and 1,000 more in Stratford, Quebec ... thanks to you!